How to pull changes in pull request from upstream, if fork is unavailable due to privacy?

Good evening.
There is a private repository, which has several forks. I only see the number of forks and my fork, other forks do not see (I guess, not enough rights, maybe every owner of a private fork should granteth me these rights). Private master flow pull requests.

The task was to deploy and test a pull request locally. But with this came serious challenges. What I found on the Internet, and that should work, doesn't work for me.
git pull upstream pull/<ID>/head:test_pr_branch
Something pumped, but in the created test_pr_branch is always some left a commit that has nothing to do with the right PR. To the original thread fork I do not have access.

How to download PR for local tests if a branch fork not available?
April 7th 20 at 15:31
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