How to speed up the signing of the EDS? Where such large delays?

Wrote a bot to bid - the moment when the bot responds to the tender of the machine the application is signed and the average signature of the electronic key application is 15 - 20 seconds, which is too much. In the browser should the plug-CryptoPro + in the system is installed the client part of the plugin, the key itself is stored in the registry, not even on a flash drive.

Where such large delays in signing? I understand that this is part of the browser communicates with the client part? Can we somehow accelerate the process of signing? Ideally I want to get the key in the browser, stored there when applying to sign somewhere directly. BUT I don't understand how is it working with EDS, maybe somewhere on the Internet there are articles with detailed analysis of all the handshakes at the signing of the EDS?
April 7th 20 at 15:37
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