Whether I described the work of the Cryptor?

In General I'm trying to understand how does it work cryptory ,found in the vast YouTube this video.
In it the author takes njRat Virus ( Remote access) and criptum it.

The question is do I understand how it works?

Cryptor randomly generates a DLL which no
Then he has added string to decrypt or XS is maeby key easy to focus to beat.
Then I understand he did spetsalno form ( supposedly a game) .+ added code.I understand it's all on sierpe).

Just do not understand how his software takes njRat ?. Or he takes it encrypts ( entire code) and then it inserts it into a string ( riddle me this) answer who fumbles.But I think that is the only solution where does the virus code.
P\S All source code is the author under the video.
June 10th 19 at 14:40
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