How to remove the symbol?

Sorry for such a stupid question. I have a name it appears like this: Name \"Name\".
How to remove only the symbol \. tried and trim and str_replace. but for some reason with this symbol problem...
April 7th 20 at 15:40
3 answers
April 7th 20 at 15:42
The issue decided, $title = str_replace('\"', '"', $item['title']);
It's a crutch and not a solution.
The main thing is not to do such in official work. - Trace_Cormier53 commented on April 7th 20 at 15:45
April 7th 20 at 15:44
Should this symbol not be added.

At the code has some function that adds slashes to data. This code should be removed.
April 7th 20 at 15:46
PHP for this the function stripslashes().

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