Advertising program, the stock exchange of installs?

Hello trying to understand how people distribute their computer program
through regular advertising in google ads or Google AdWords is very expensive and not effective enough ,often come across that it is necessary to use exchange installs but the search on the Internet, found information about 8 companies that are not particularly willing to contact , advertise products or services easier to use the network teaser and so I love arbitrazhnyi , but is software problem of some sort , what methods or platforms are effective , except for spam
April 7th 20 at 15:40
1 answer
April 7th 20 at 15:42
TSA - target audience
The CPI is the Price for attracting the user installed the app.
ARPU - Average revenue per user (In the simplest case the price of the app)
The conversion of Units to purchase for a freemium model or a pair of trial/full.
Also can be as a result given a paid user who purchased the program (the Paid version).

In General, promotion - is the process of finding the best ratio Income / Costs.
Common to all : the Greatest benefit provides an independent search engine optimization for a narrow target audience. But further growth only a loss of efficiency. Type well, I saw Your ad, clicked,
set, and that's not what I think after reading the ad unit. Demolished. Poured their negativity.

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