How to keep config xl cpupool?

There is, therefore, xen 4.8 over (under) 9 debian.
2 cpu-pool, say, Pool-0 Pool-1
In Pool-0 cpu0 and cpu1
In Pool-1 cpu2 and cpu3.

In Pool-0 and the pair toss the dom0 PV-guests.
In Pool-1 HV single-guest and single PV.

Okay, okay, xl cpupool-create', ' remove from Pool-0, add in Pool-1, all garbage, but...
When you restart all the pools go nafig, Pool-0 has a standard set of all CPA system.

The only reasonable documentation is written, they say, create /etc/xen file name POOL-NAME.cfg the specified format and type to work for you as it should.

cat /etc/xen/Pool-0.cfg

cpus=[0, 1]

The same, respectively, for Pool 1, but with the right CPU.
When you restart the config doesn't work. Folder auto shoved (and then the car, if it is not xl create and xl cpupool-create, Yes), the folder xlcpupool also shoved, pointing to the sky.
xl cpupool-create configs eating well, if only in Pool-0 no cpu2 and cpu3, which, in principle, logical.

Either I, quite frankly, degrade closer to the morning, or documentation in addition to lousy man-file no.

Lord, tell me please, who faced, who got to start... In the log Xena logs with virtuallock.
egrep pool * -R /etc/xen returns nothing worthy. More precisely, nothing at all.

So far ideas only to spit on everything, to create a systemd-target, which makes it handles, with xendomains.service wants...

(there is also the challenge to understand why does not fulfill vcpu-pinning means cpus="2, 3" in the config of the path, but that's another issue :)
June 10th 19 at 14:40
1 answer
June 10th 19 at 14:42
Best games are all garbage, no docks, found mailing list 2013-year, breaking an entry level "You need to write your own script to do it"
Wrote stuck in systemd with After=xendomains.service, works.

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