What is the grid to impose a beginner?

Greetings to all. Does the use of grids by connecting her small libraries, adaptability?
April 7th 20 at 15:44
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April 7th 20 at 15:46
What is the grid to impose a beginner?

To impose on the grid is only when your designer(or your model) assumes the net.
Very often if the pattern is not typical, you are tired to impose over the net, will simply become more white and nervous, in such cases, make up on clean-Flex\how they can be harmonized.

The grid
To use any net - logics are the same, 12\24\n - Noe number of columns.
To look at the most popular, for example the bootstrap 4, under the hood the presence of adaptability and a bunch of buns.

For the beginner advise - to try to impose no net. That would at least understand the logic of the layout, not that, anyhow on the grid and in production.

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