The audio feed in the background (on the lock screen iOS, Android), is there an analogue of Icecast2?

Good day! Prompt, please, there is a need for an audio broadcast for mobile devices.
Mandatory conditions - minimum delay (no more than 5 seconds), not strong not in sync (synchronicity is even more important than delays), work in background mode (playback continues even if you lock the phone).

So if a few people at a time in the room turned on, that was not such that one is in a hurry for 5 seconds, the other is behind by 4 seconds, the third 20 seconds ahead already. That is, the thread should monitor the buffer and skip, if you noticed the lag.

I managed to configure Icecast2 with a delay of 3 seconds -- more or less -- but if there is some better solution?
I tested Nimble Streamer Protocol SLDP is a terrific solution that fits all the criteria, if not for one thing. On Android everything is great, and bitten apples again all through one place, on the iPhone does not play at all, need to install the application SLDP Player, which still when the screen is locked are silenced.
And they are great, I'd even pay for some Pro, if it solved the problem. This is a gorgeous product.

Thus, I see no alternatives is far from perfect Icecast2. Tried it with Nimble Streamer to icecast stream - delay wild, it is better Icecast2 KH with his 3 seconds. On YouTube tried, normally, about the same 3 seconds, but YouTube wants money for listening on the lock screen. Not with me but with each of the students.

In principle, I would Icecast2 staged, but if someone from the audience for a second pull playing (you never know, the Internet is bad), it will lag behind the flow forever until you refresh the page.
April 7th 20 at 15:46
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