Why give up the keyboard?

Here's the thing. Once a week for a few days failing keyboard on a macbook pro 17. Just don't respond to touch. Exclude the ingress of moisture and dust, too gently used and all the dust particles blow away. For 3 years was not because of this.

Was a special occasion, after which the problems started, which I tend to associate the problem. Have downloaded 30GB of data through the torrent-enabled FileVault. Almost immediately after that, Claudia suddenly and refused. After a couple of days on, as if nothing had happened, a few days no problems. Loaded recovery mode - there is the system recommended to turn off FileVault, which I did, the problem ended, but not for long
Adjacent to the screw is Windows and it also refuses to work.

Usb keyboard is working fine. But I can't use specials.keys, like option, so trite to reboot using bootcamp into Windows.
April 7th 20 at 15:46
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April 7th 20 at 15:48
The trackpad works? If not, then it is a problem of the Flex cable that goes from the mother to the trackpad, it goes on top of the battery, most likely due to overheating collapses over time. I was the same way with 2 Macs in a row, a year worked normally, then begins to decline, eventually completely stops working. Repaired under warranty in the service, change the lower unit (housing, accum, keyboard, trackpad) completely, but does not help much, after 2-3 months the keyboard+trackpad stop working, the last time I changed the loop in Chinese, while working as a clock
The trackpad works perfectly and is also takbar - reyna_Gislas commented on April 7th 20 at 15:51

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