The list of groups a user group.getUserGroupsV2. How to get the result?

Good afternoon. Already raised the question here about how to use this method. Responses data informed the situation to me not clear.
Topic : How to fix error associated with API Class?
Answer : "ie in order to make things work, when you are making application is externed to choose web-html(or web-flash)"5e4d11e6e5380121987882.png

The app is working on other methods - works.
The response from the server:

PARAM : Only one of the session_key or uid must be specified

Needs to be pointed out or session_key or uid.
What session_key is it?

When you delete keys, the result is: 5e4d13300af51163161061.png
What am I doing wrong? The answer is written select "web html". Where can I choose?
April 7th 20 at 15:53
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