Why slow disk in VirtualBox / Docker?

Put on win7 docker toolbox - a couple of laptops. One powerful, 12Gb RAM, ssd. The second is easier - 6Gb memory hdd;
In Docker container load debian+php (7.1), the second (weak) the notebook works quite fast. On the ground - see here a picture immediately after the start of the container

Processes hanging in uninterruptable sleep (D) for 10 minutes, everything works sooo slow or not working at all (for example a web server Gateway Timeout). After some time (10 minutes) processes out of D into normal mode, but still the work is significantly slower than the "weak" laptop.

Tried the path doker in virtualbox different types of acceleration/virtualization changed the disk from dynamic to fixed, changed the disk formats - vmdk/vdi. Moved the file to the disk with ssd on the hdd.
Nothing helps.

All processes hang in D - fs communicate with the host system, all writes to the outside, works well. It is sin to disk, but perhaps it's something else.

Maybe someone has overcome this problem?
June 10th 19 at 14:46
1 answer
June 10th 19 at 14:48
The channel in the telegram https://t.me/docker_ru helped quickly, thanks to @twwlf for the tip.

It was a HAXM delete this softiny (and rebooting) solved the problem completely.

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