As slipnot traffic?

All beaver!
The problem is this: the maximum benifit the application traffic in order to understand what is sent depending on user actions.

Installed software:
1. Fiddler to listen to
2. App on IOS
3. The application on the Android emulator (called Memu Play is installed on the PC)

Problem faced: Made the laptop a hotspot. Connected IOS device. Put in Fiedler settings. Traffic is read extremely bad. In fact, should be expected.
Set the emulator Buckets on the laptop. Put the app. Properly set the settings to connect to the Wi-Fi does not work. From here face the problem that Fidler nichrome does not read the (quite logical)

There is an option to install the app on the laptop through the he Store. But it needs to be updated to win 10 with win 8.1. Well do it extremely is not desirable. A colleague did exactly the traffic is heard just fine (exactly what you need to complete the project). But it can not be that there is only this way.

The question is. Perhaps, someone already was engaged in such perversion? Any advice would be helpful.
June 10th 19 at 15:00
1 answer
June 10th 19 at 15:02
But it can not be that there is only this way.

If the app works correctly in the emulator (same as VirtualBox) you can connect to his virtual. network adapter using WireShark and thus to listen to a stream from the virtual world. car (to get there traffic application). and this, too:

Of the options is more difficult... buy MikroTik, enable there is a sniffer on sniffer to plant WireShark to listen to traffic coming through the router... profit.

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