How can I change the mouse Sens when changing resolutions?

I played a game with a full hd, I stood in 900 dpi and 6/11 in Windows. In the game settings Sens , it's not a shooter.
I changed in the game in the ratio 4:3 resolution of 1400 x 1050 mouse and in the settings of the video card set to stretch the image around the edges of the monitor, so the black bars were not. In Windows the resolution and changed the same and put back fullhd and tried different dpi (i.e. different in X and Y), but can not return to their old feeling of the mouse.
Calculators for my case could not find. There are only calculators Sens between games and the Desktop with cs: go , but there is a Sens in the game can be set is quite another.

Are there any formulas so I can recalculate it all ? There probably should be considered and the edges stretched and Sens in Windows.
April 8th 20 at 02:54
0 answer

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