Traffic forwarding on a mikrotik router on a different subnet?

Subnet, which is a mail server
There is a ovpn server ( with a subnet of for the customers.
Is the router with the incoming web (b.b.b.b) connected via ovpn ( with our subnet is
Trying to make a mail server accessed the Internet through a router connected via ovpn.
On Mikrotik located in the main subnet prescribing the marking of packages with the servers 0.180, add a route using for packages having such marking, but the route is inactive, I understand TC gateway on a different subnet.
April 8th 20 at 09:38
3 answers
April 8th 20 at 09:40
Apply PBR to the routing, articles about it are a dime a dozen
April 8th 20 at 09:44
1. With microtia should pingomatic gateway
2. With the postman must pingomatic the same gateway
3. The rule for the postman to get the traffic always went over the interface ovpn (masquerade)
4. A rule in the ovpn server to incoming traffic went to the postman (dnat).
5. Profit
Did I miss anything?

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