How to make the animation change the month in the calendar?

With animations in principle, it does not worked, now trying to figure out the next thing.

I made a custom calendar and now I want to change the month was the animation (scrolling or fade - no matter). I want to understand the principle. I for this purpose it is necessary to generate three months (current, next, previous)?

The question immediately arises, in that case they must be absolutely pozitsionirovannoe regarding some of the wrapper. But how to make the width of the wrapper (and calendar) dynamic, if it is only absolutely positioned elements?
April 8th 20 at 09:38
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April 8th 20 at 09:40
The most obvious option is to make 12 slides to push a horizontal slider do not care what. Full sliders with lots of special effects, with support for html inside of the slides, custom spins... almost coffee in bed.
Why invent crap when so much to deal with :)
Hemorrhoids in order to practice, this is not for the military draft)

12 calendars to generate in advance - a very expensive undertaking. This is done inside vue, days is an array, each of which carries a need for application data.

A library for sliders, of which I have tried a full of garbage or heavy, or unpredictable, or are pulling a jquery for something (although this could be attributed to the first point).
Yes, all used and all working. Written above is only my humble opinion. - Amani commented on April 8th 20 at 09:43
Then you need to go:
1. Brand positioning - an extreme case, because the animation can be done using css transition or by the libraries of the framework.
2. The animation is quite a common technique, like all frameworks carry different variants of implementation. When the question is asked - check technology. Google gave the answer -
3. Animation is a very large section of possible situations and interactions, and start from scratch - a lot of wasted time on research and relief issues.

If you are using framework - use its capabilities to the maximum. - amanda.Mor commented on April 8th 20 at 09:46
@amanda.Mor, Yes, just the same in my case vue.js it is a handy thing to transition. But in order to achieve my desired effect, the elements must be absolutely pozitsionirovanie, and it seems to be a problem, as the calendar is dynamic and the height and width. - Amani commented on April 8th 20 at 09:49
@Amani, maybe you can still TK to look? dismantling of slide - fade of out, mounting the next slide fade in. I see no need to sculpt your abs. positioning. - amanda.Mor commented on April 8th 20 at 09:52

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