How do you like my diagram (semantica) basic nuances Flexbox?

this I made for myself to understand , and that beskonechno that's just confusing
and one more question , where I can share their achievements scum clarifications, maybe someone need5a328a1911f3a991146471.png
June 10th 19 at 15:13
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June 10th 19 at 15:15
How do you like my diagram...

In the form as it currently is - not very. Nothing personal, it's a simple psychological effect of being accustomed to a certain quality difficult to abandon it. After such schemes (transfer) your screenshot of some office programs have "inserts". Plus, as they would say in certain circles, it's an accordion, i.e. the information is not new and many have time to get bored. If you have the desire to share with the public - or draw or do all nice crib on topics that have not really uncovered on the Internet.

Where do I put this...

If you add meaningful text, you get the article. In the network there are many places to publish it - Habr (marked "for beginners"), medium, your website (why not start with him), even Vkontakte love pictures-Cribs in thematic groups.

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