How can I forbid the user to be active on the website (to register, to write...), if he has JS disabled?

Is there any way to forbid user to create new topics and to register, generally to exercise any activity, which involves sending something to the server, if he has JS disabled?
I don't know how to work my site if JS is disabled (Because then AJAX will not work. With the validation and alert the user that he incorrectly filled field). Test and fix - a very long time. So I want to do this.
And again. Don't prompt - is it normal - do that? All the JS is already there, isn't it? On phones, on computers, on the laptop.
To support users without JS to support IE8 users. Am I not right?
June 10th 19 at 15:22
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June 10th 19 at 15:24
Varint 1. Use styles for BODY or HTML (`se`, for example) that when you load JS event in the onloadscript will be removed. And for all the controls require JS install vidimosti to none.

.se button[onclick],
.se form[onsubmit],
.se .ajaxform {display: none}

Option 2. Load interactive elements via AJAX or render with JS. It's even better - the search engines will be to swear less.

Option 3. Use the SSR - Server Side Rendering

Definitely in <noscript></code> make a notification to the user.<br><br> The best option is to use the approach <i>unobtrusive JS</i> (<b>unobtrusive JavaScript</b>). br><br> Google to help, but the short of it - the site should work without JS. Or, at least, to give intelligible info. br><br> Super-duper approach - all to provide <b>alternative ways of presenting information for all</b> media, graphics, etc, to consider that the site should be read by autocatalysis for the visually impaired, managed, intuitively, to be loaded on slower lines. br><br> And Yes: it is the work of the present front of Ender, which is fucking expensive, because that implies a shitload of knowledge, and it requires edrene FeNi patience and time. That is why the real Frontera even Russia has a salary once more <b>200k₽</b>!<br><br> There is something to strive for. But that's another story, which is called the <b>UI/UX</b> - <i>User Interface/User eXperiance</i> - accounting for user experience in interfaces.</noscript>
June 10th 19 at 15:26
Use the tag noscript
JS can be disabled, some government agencies (experienced this)
June 10th 19 at 15:28
1. The tag <noscript></code><br> 2. It is not relevant</noscript>

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