The order in Klarna in PHP only without the iframe?

All good day !
Try to do a checkout via Klarna API in PHP only without iframe
Send order data:

$connector = Klarna\Rest\Transport\Connector::create(

 $checkout = new Klarna\Rest\Checkout\Order($connector);

In the logs look Klarna data came in, and get the answer:
$orderId = $checkout->getId();

Everything is fine to the value of $orderId received, then it is necessary that this order moved to Orders, on the docks like so:
$order = new Klarna\Rest\OrderManagement\Order($connector, $orderId);


 "merchant_reference1" => "ERG-17",
 "merchant_reference2" => "special order"

$order = new Klarna\Rest\OrderManagement\Order($connector, $orderId);

Returns nothing, how all the same to finish the order ?
Thanks In Advance !
June 10th 19 at 15:23
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