Which editor to choose?

Now I write in sublime text 3, but he does not emphasize the most common mistakes, like the lack of ';'
What's the best editor to choose if you write in php and javascript?
Well, or 2 different editor.
April 8th 20 at 17:26
2 answers
April 8th 20 at 17:28
put the Linter + a couple of extensions prettification.
And everything will be

PS https://www.jetbrains.com/ru-ru/phpstorm/

Sablaym good when you need to write something quickly, hung with plugins it starts to slow down.
what kind of expansion? - keanu commented on April 8th 20 at 17:31

Auto Semi-Colon

Choose. - frankie88 commented on April 8th 20 at 17:34
April 8th 20 at 17:30
PhpStorm 2018
at ru tracker works great and with the key

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