Smart stylus pen for capacitive screens?

Stylus pen for any capacitive screens support pressure levels.

Hi guys. Need help, help will be very grateful.
Can't find universal smart (active) ordinary stylus for capacitive screens.
1) - May already exist type stylus (Adonit Pixel, Surface Pen) for normal capacitive screens. - though I couldn't find. Maybe someone knows, I'd be happy to answer. (maybe the Chinese equivalent)
2) Adonit Pixel, the Surface Pen only work with certain "equipment". but whether it is possible to adapt them to conventional capacitive displays? maybe a little dancing?
3) If there is already an option, for a conventional sensor, that the desired requirements for this stylus
a) 2,000 pressure levels.(if the above is cool - below TC is already weak. )
b) support Bluetooth 4.0
C) work on a regular capacitive screens running Windows 10. (Android not required)
Thank you.
June 10th 19 at 15:31
0 answer

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