How useful is the experience of a tester in programming or 3D games?

My situation: (spoiler)
I have experience AR/MR by the developer(90% of time writing code) 9 months plus two years seriously as a hobby was engaged in the modelling (the whole pipeline). Now my Department is far from me the reason is "frozen indefinitely", and I offered to go to the Department not associated with AR and gandeva for the position of tester.

Don't want to leave because I'm comfortable here, but the programming I am here to say I can not, because there is a prerequisite for developers in this Department - experience as a tester.

I'd like to leave then go where the knowledge of the tester is very valuable, but there is nowhere required 3D knowledge, so sorry heap of time lost on the study of modelling, the knowledge of which sort of valuable enough in the specializations listed above and below.
How will be a valuable experience as a tester at the position of Gameplay Programmer, Tech Artist(development tools), Graphics Engineer? Will it be almost a waste of time?
Ie is it worth it, or is it standing still? Thank you!
June 10th 19 at 15:31
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June 10th 19 at 15:33
In any case, it is not standing still, but how useful depends on nuances.

If it's six months or a year, then like as not too waste of time. Another question, if you can, and without testing to settle on a profile and spend the six months or a year from the developer.

If this test automation - even very rewarding experience, scripting in LUA is the same. And if it's just poking the mouse and filling defects to spend time on it sorry.

In General depends on.
June 10th 19 at 15:35
The use of highly questionable, the work of the programmer and the tester very little interaction, and the mandatory experience of the tester is doubly strange. Better to make a portfolio and look for a new job.

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