How to find RAM frequency?

Hi all.
I want to put a second RAM module to the computer (slot).
If I understand correctly, according to CPU-Z bus frequency Memory Frequency 798.1 MHz (1:6), the frequency of an existing module Max bandwidth PC3-12800 (800 MHz).
Do I understand correctly that the Memory Frequency 798.1 MHz is the maximum frequency and memory with greater frequency will not pull? Or can I put DIMM DDR3 PC3-12800 Samsung PC3-12800, 4Gb, 1.5 V, frequency 1600 MHz? Nothing that a frequency of 1600 MHz?

Data from CPU-Z:
Northbridge Intel Haswell Rev. 06
Southbridge Intel H87 rev. C2
Graphic Interface PCI-Express
PCI-E Link Width x16
PCI-E Max Link Width x16
Memory Type DDR3
Memory Size 4 GBytes
Channels Single
Memory Frequency 798.1 MHz (1:6)
CAS# latency (CL) 11.0
RAS# to CAS# delay (tRCD) 11
RAS# Precharge (tRP) 11
Cycle Time (tRAS) 28
Row Refresh Cycle Time (tRFC) 208
Command Rate (CR) 1T
Uncore Frequency 798.1 MHz
MCHBAR I/O Base address 0x0FED10000
MCHBAR I/O Size 19456
MCHBAR registers 

Memory SPD
DIMM # 1
 SMBus address 0x52
 Memory type DDR3
 Module format UDIMM
 Manufacturer (ID) Samsung (CE000000000000000000)
 Size 4096 MBytes
 Max bandwidth PC3-12800 (800 MHz)
 Part number M378B5173DB0-CK0 
 Serial number 16F5D1C2
 Manufacturing date Week 28/Year 14
 Number of banks 8
 Nominal Voltage 1.50 Volts
June 10th 19 at 15:38
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