Several projects on the same domain, webpack/apache?

Good day! Please help to solve this problem.
There is a project to react/webpack which is divided into modules, which are interconnected only by reference from one to the other and which can individually make the build.
This structure

And just about looks like a folder with the build

These modules should run on the same domain.
Question is it possible to configure the server so that when
the transition, for example, on this route the server gave the appropriate build, in this case c dist/react1/.

What are the solutions to this problem,
is it possible to solve only webpack-Ohm?

I would be grateful for any help, the literature in this direction)
April 9th 20 at 09:50
1 answer
April 9th 20 at 09:52
here you almost do not have to configure your server to watched in the dist and all
In both cases, react1 and react2, if you inspect the page bundle connects the same
<script type="text/javascript" src="bundle.js"></script>

The question how to make the server understand which folder to connect bundle? - elsie.Lueilwitz commented on April 9th 20 at 09:55
it's default path will look for index.html in the folder dist/react1, and bundle.js will load the same way - that'll bring him again dist/react1/bundle.js

folder react2 all similarly - Shaina32 commented on April 9th 20 at 09:58

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