HLS.JS playback starts, and after a while shut up, what to do?

now playing one piece, and then is silent, open the browser console and BOOM works fine how to solve?
June 10th 19 at 15:41
1 answer
June 10th 19 at 15:43
Show me the console
it is empty, go only XHR in the network, run quietly links from the Internet with no brakes hls.js your m3u8 I created using ffmpeg and launched the server node-static, files all work out and everything, the problem is that it triggers the lose ts frames which have been initial in the m3u8 file. and then start only if the console will open and normally continues to run without lags and brakes and other things as it should be - oswaldo.Christiansen commented on June 10th 19 at 15:46
well, there's only the module debugit, you know very well - tess commented on June 10th 19 at 15:49

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