The cases of using backend frameworks?

Good day!
I will be brief, interested in backend development and before to go deeper, wanted to know when to use one or the other technology on the server side.
Which projects use Django, in which spring(boot), and when nodejs.
I will be glad to any answer, preferably with an example)
April 9th 20 at 10:11
1 answer
April 9th 20 at 10:13
All of these technologies can make almost any "backend", so that the case is one available developers is Django-developers, do on Django, there is Java-I do on "spring(boot)" etc
You may be able to advise what technology is best to start way at the moment? - tristian.Baumbach commented on April 9th 20 at 10:16
Come pythonist - advise django, aiohttp, etc
Come pagebest - advise the frameworks based on php
etc, etc. - Abraham_Lang commented on April 9th 20 at 10:19
@britney.Larson57, Then this is the share of the programmer) - tristian.Baumbach commented on April 9th 20 at 10:22

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