How to copy video from a dvd disc to another dvd disc?

Was the dvd where there is a video of the wedding. Had to copy the disk. Put the disc-Copied these folders and shortcuts from disk (see photo) 5a2fff542e000850624457.png
- removed the disk, put a blank disc - recorded those folders and label to the disk. - put the disc on a dvd player - video but no sound. Put the disc on the laptop all is good the sound is. Put source disk on a dvd player - all the rules the sound. The PROBLEM is that now I don't have the original disc. There are only the folders and shortcut on the laptop which I copied. HOW to write to a dvd disk to all day? Ie dvd plare was the sound
June 10th 19 at 15:46
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June 10th 19 at 15:48
Yes, copying the files and folders that you made a mistake. It was necessary not to copy and clone the whole disk to a blank disc using any utility for working with CD/DVD (Nero, etc.).
And now... Well, you can try to use videoconverter (Format Factory, Free Studio, etc.) and use it to convert your files to video format .mp4, and then record what happens on disk (it will not be DVD, as data disc) and watch. On the computer it will succeed without any problems, but videopleer not everyone will accept such a disc properly and will be able to show it - the player is older, the less codecs hardwired in the firmware.

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