Is it possible to restore Windows after deleting from the hard drive?

I wanted to install Ubuntu OS on the second laptop, but I have to do it did not work. I decided to try to select the second item during the installation of "erase disk and install Ubuntu" and it worked, but Windows was gone. Is it possible somehow to restore access to it and make two OS?
April 9th 20 at 10:38
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April 9th 20 at 10:40
"erase disk and install Ubuntu"
key words are highlighted.

even if you accidentally performed quick format, which only cleans yourself of the file structure, and that does not recorded would be on the disk after that. even in this case, some programs, not without trouble, you could restore all, or nearly all data files. but to revive the operating system to the state's ability to boot, would be impossible

upd and you still reformatted to another file system, and freewheeling the whole OS
upd2 now, if you have there pictures left, or whatever it is, you just on the links above
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well it this Linux, in Windows it was easier
what's the problem?
erase disk and install Windows
I kept everything I need files on a flash drive. I just wanted a slightly different result, so scared. Thank you very much. - Leann_Pfannersti commented on April 9th 20 at 10:43
April 9th 20 at 10:42
Can. First, divide the disk into two equal parts (you can install Windows). At first I put Windows on the second - Linux.
April 9th 20 at 10:44
Some of the laptop hard drive has a recovery area. What wiped Ubuntu - don't know the whole physical disk or only a logical disk with Windows, the recovery area has remained.
Ask Google how on your laptop to enter recovery mode factory defaults. For example, some Esc while turning out a menu of what to do. Then - as luck.
April 9th 20 at 10:46
There is a chance, but small, as sector sometimes could reschedule, that you can do to help
Can restore these partitions from Windows, but can have bugs, and Ubuntu will have to put
Windu is not likely to save, but the file would get after the recovery partition, you can boot in guest mode Ubuntu without installation and create a partition, the files to throw, and then put Windows and Linux

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