How to create the table in the database and how to retrieve data?

Hello, please tell me. I need to save in database some values. What exactly is to say calculations. In the database there should be 6 tables, each table of 4 to 10 columns and from 3 to 6 rows. On the website there are users who make the initial values, and based on the initial values calculated in these tables. And there's also a page on which all of these initial values are displayed.
By clicking on the link to generate a PDF, the user needs to get those calculated values from database to a pdf file. My question is how to fetch from database, how to collect all the calculations with 6 tables, and that those who belong to say that with the number 123123? I just had a thought that maybe using table in database to do. Please tell me, what can I do? Thank you in advance for the answer
The PDF itself looks like this:
June 10th 19 at 15:54
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