How to insert a picture using the phpdocx library in the document?

Hello, everybody!
How to insert print using library phpdocx?
Insert in two ways
$docx = new DocxUtilities();
 $options = [
 'image' => public_path().'/img/stamp1.png',
 'height' => 40,
 'width' => 250,
 'decolorate' => false
 $docx->watermarkDocx($filename.'_template.docx', $filename.'.docx', 'image', $options);

$word = new CreateDocx();
 'src' => public_path().'/img/stamp.png',
 'height' => 150,
 'width' => 150,
 'horizontalOffset' => $marginLeft,
 'textWrap' => 2

The first method is used on each page, the second end of the document
The question of whether the method watermarkDocx to put the picture over the text and not under? I can not put a seal on the text in the word document.
The second method puts the image(printing) on the text but the problem is that I can't paste it on every page
maybe someone already faced with this problem?
June 10th 19 at 15:56
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