Server for Android app?

Good day!
Have an idea for a pet project on Android. The idea of the app, roughly similar to the same avito, that is, have the ability to add your ads and browse the existing list of both its own and other users.
The question is, what is better to implement the backend of this application? As I understand it, the local database on the device and need just the server?
I will be glad to any offer!
In advance thanks for answers)
April 16th 20 at 10:05
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April 16th 20 at 10:07
  1. Local is not an option, because otherwise users will see the ads of others?
  2. Yes, it needs the API-a backend database which will communicate with Android application. On what to do, decide for yourself. Know Python - write to it (you can get Django + Django Rest Framework), you know another language use it. Base take, say, MySQL or PostgreSQL.
does it make sense to try to write a solution in java or easier to try Django? - lauren5 commented on April 16th 20 at 10:10
@marjorie.Hane, if you do not know Java, then it makes no sense, because Python is much easier, and with zero to master it will be clearly faster. - claudine_Fritsch17 commented on April 16th 20 at 10:13
@marjorie.Hane, judging by Your previous question, you can assume that for java do You mean java script. If Yes, then even I would have chosen Python. But that's just personal preference (I don't like js). - claudine_Fritsch17 commented on April 16th 20 at 10:16
@monte80, Huh, is not, in this case, I mean it was good old-fashioned java, in General, I'm basically trying to immerse myself in the language, and, in principle, have already reached an adequate level of coding (but not on the web, as already noticed), this, in spite of your remark, I would like to try your luck with this language) - lauren5 commented on April 16th 20 at 10:19
@marjorie.Hane, good luck! - claudine_Fritsch17 commented on April 16th 20 at 10:22
@monte80, Thank you for your answer! - lauren5 commented on April 16th 20 at 10:25
April 16th 20 at 10:09
Write in Java, will be a single codebase. Or as a variant of NET core. Even so, java requires a bit more resources.

And a bunch of standard:
DB, what may be the engine of MVC, the static part of the site.

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