How to insert ad?

Gentlemen, I know this question is already asked, but I am a complete ignoramus. There is a website, written only in html and css, any other languages do not, unfortunately. The website creates information and, of course, desirable payback through advertising.

The question actually in the following how to make sure to insert the script with is (to use I will just google adscense) to make it appear on all pages in the I place. Currently I left two div in the body of every page for advertising, but mind is not enough to understand how to do next. As far as I understand, Google gives the script is to be inserted in the script tag. Please put straight on the shelves, which files at the root to create what they prescribe and where to insert the script from Google. Thanks in advance)
June 10th 19 at 15:57
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June 10th 19 at 15:59
If the site is made using only html and css and each page is a separate file, then there are two options:

- hands go through all the pages and insert
- to search and replace in all files, and replace, for example, the start tag of "footer" to "footer codrului".

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