How to properly implement an additional taxonomie in bitrix?

There are Categories like
Fiction > science Fiction, fantasy, mystery > Product
The product also has properties like "New" with it all is clear. Tell me how to implement
the category of others. "the best fiction of 2017.". In Wordpress I added taxonomia. How to be in Bitrix?
June 10th 19 at 15:58
2 answers
June 10th 19 at 16:00
Thought you can create 2 sections. Genre and Collection and they have to push category..
June 10th 19 at 16:02
You want to the category of "best fiction of 2017." in navigation? Or want to product was the symptom?
I want the navigation and individual page with the products from the collection - Jasper_Carro commented on June 10th 19 at 16:05

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