Generation models php from database schema for Laravel?

In Laravel there is a tool which can generate model description (PHP code) from an already created database, for example MуSQL?

That is:
1. You have already created a database MYDB which has the table.
2. From the console run the command like:
artisan -o dump_directory=Schema 'Pg:dbname=MYDB;host=' MYDB mydbpass

3. As a result, in the folder Schema files are generated in php with descriptions of models to work with the database specified when running the command.
4. Well, and provides a mechanism for custom extensions of the models. After regeneration scheme, custom code remained.

Not to write code the models manually. Type: fixed database, run the schema and ORM is relevant.
April 16th 20 at 10:31
1 answer
April 16th 20 at 10:33
Thank you, I'll try. - Katlynn.Brown20 commented on April 16th 20 at 10:36

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