The port 9001 was busy with system service windows. How to kill a process?

All kind time of day.
The problem is this: on windows I use OpenServer for quick edits and test database, websites, scripts.
Yesterday the OS stopped running with an error
"It is impossible to occupy the port 9001 because it is being used: Windows Services"
using netstat learned the PID of the service occupying port. (ID 4 --- SYSTEM). executable file ntoskrnl.exe
removed the software downloaded in the last day and ran the system just in case of virus scan. nothing... stop the service of course can't because not enough rights, and I do not know where it will lead.

for what this port OpenServer'have also not understood, checked the configs used ports 9001 free. php was 9,000, changed to another free.
in windows features turned off just in case the service ISS all to no purpose. what could be the problem? Too lazy to roll back the system because of closed port, and open server on Windows, a very handy thing.
and just wondering, what's the problem, can who faced
April 16th 20 at 10:31
2 answers
April 16th 20 at 10:33
Most likely it is http.sys

Bindings you can view
netsh http show servicestate
April 16th 20 at 10:35
Using the resource Manager from task Manager, see which process listens to this port and looking for how to finish it off.
4 --- SYSTEM
and what told you that? - Jerrold_Schad commented on April 16th 20 at 10:38

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