How to implement telegram-bot that removes the watermark on the video?

Can you please suggest how can implement this idea: the bot receives a link to the video with the watermark and returns the video without it?
Thank you!
April 16th 20 at 10:31
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April 16th 20 at 10:33
For starters, you already know how to remove the watermark without bot? Hands?
What kind of car will be performed removal? Much will be pumped? Who will pay for the electricity?
April 16th 20 at 10:35
Tell me, how did you solved the problem with deleting watermark from the video?
April 16th 20 at 10:37
The idea is simple and consists of four stages:
1. The bot receives a video from the user.
2. The server processes the queue video.
3. From video remove watermark.
4. Video is sent back.

Stages 1,2 and 4 easily gugliada. Step 3 - here it is necessary to sweat. Who and how to remove it?
April 16th 20 at 10:39
First you need to find a solution for removing watermarks, and then it is easy to add it to the bot's telegram.
April 16th 20 at 10:41
Bot to do - no problem
The problem is to process the video by removing watemark. This is a task for the neural network, no less.

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