To modify an example NS with Habra?

Hello world,
trying, racking my brain about neural networks, like the article on Habre quite clearly describes the back-propagation algorithm errors, but I do not understand is calculated as "δ" between the hidden layers. In example "d" is considered a single connection, but what to do when there are several, for example 2 output neurons?
June 10th 19 at 16:00
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June 10th 19 at 16:02
Here is a video cool reduce the brain :)

And here is the piece of code that implements polnotsvetnyj layer:
class Dense(Layer):
 def __init__(self, units):
 super(Dense, self).__init__(units)
 self.W = None
 self.b = None

 def fprop(self, inputs, pass_type='train'):
 self.inputs = inputs
 if self.W is None:
 self.W = np.random.uniform(low=-0.01, high=0.01, size=(self.units inputs.shape[1]))
 self.b = np.random.uniform(low=-0.01, high=0.01, size=self.units)
 return, self.W.T) + self.b

 def bprop(self, outputs_deriv):
 return, self.W)

 def update_weights(self, outputs_deriv, learning_rate):
 self.W -= learning_rate *, self.inputs)
 self.b -= learning_rate * outputs_deriv.sum(axis=0)

Contact layers like so:
# forward-propagation step
output = x_batch
for layer in self.layers:
 output = layer.fprop(output, pass_type='train')

# backward-propagation step
outputs_deriv = self.loss.grad(y_batch, output)
for layer in self.layers[::-1]:
 layer.update_weights(outputs_deriv, learning_rate)
 outputs_deriv = layer.bprop(outputs_deriv)

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