Is it possible to recover a ZFS array zpool (raidz1) of the 4 disks after you physically change the drive order?

On your home server proxmox Costas a ZFS RAID-5 (raidz1) with four disks on which lay a virtual reality and stupidity do not make the backup pulled all of the drives in order to replace them with glands larger size, put it back, but the physical connection to SATA ports on the Mat. the Board accordingly is not to guess. Proxmox says that the folder is empty, is there a way to recover the information on the ZFS array?
April 16th 20 at 11:01
1 answer
April 16th 20 at 11:03
The answer - had not enough knowledge of the device is linux, working half a day until clear.
In General, when you boot after you pulled the disks zpool collapsed, and as the pool directory specified in Proxmox (/rpoolz), the slot machine was created by a system of subfolders in directory /rpoolz after the zpool has recovered, it automatically tried to remontirovanija to the directory /rpoolz, but since it was not empty - it didn't work. Helped just to clean up empty folders in directory /rpoolz.
The strange thing is that the RAID actually collapsed and I had randomly peretyat all of the drives in different SATA ports to make it work, because, after reading various articles, I came to the conclusion that raidz should not fall apart if you swap the drives physically swapped...

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