Question on layout. What to do?

Good day friends!

I decided to study a profession front.
About a week 14 hours devote to this task. Started with html academy free courses, studied by the video courses and books. And I realized that when you look in 2к17 make up the sites, there all different. Newer and simplifying life methods of layout used.

The question arose whether to spend time on systematic study from outdated foundations to contemporary, or you can immediately start using the latest methods?
June 10th 19 at 16:05
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June 10th 19 at 16:07
HTML Academy is a pretty bad resource for learning about the layout. The technique, when you're over a handle on over 20 assignments writing what to do and then give a final exam, which not only what in itself is senseless, and often teaches the wrong things (Hello course "Specificity" and people that do it with 13 !important and think that they are great. Hi rate "Selectors", which is the direct final assignment offers people to start the job with guessing the selectors).

Another resource is considered bad (my opinion) the one resource that immediately start learning the libraries and frameworks like bootstrap. No, bootstrap is certainly good, but when one studies the bootstrapping, and then bootstrap it without asking to make a grid and he can not do it, it looks very sad. When a person knows nothing about media queries and runs to use bootstrap, it is also very sad.

First the basics, only then coding (no frameworks), and only after that frameworks, when you can realize why they facilitate the layout and what their pros and cons.

As for "outdated" methods, know definitely worth it, because at least 70% of websites are now written using them, and you never know what you'll have to work on writing a new site from scratch or support / remaking the old site which still layout with floatage or inline-blocks. Moreover, given that this is all pretty elementary and is learning quickly, a lot of the time you will not spend.
Not all tests are perfect. Are there any comments on the theory in the assignments or the theory in General good? This is also not forget to mention. And Yes, the tests you can decide as you like, including quite gracefully and without important. - Helga.Frami commented on June 10th 19 at 16:10
Theory have no comments, just the technique itself of such training is not too productive, there is no comprehensive training on real tasks. You give people the basics, ask them to repeat, behind this is a fictional example which is very poorly applicable in real life (the same test in the course of the Selectors, the test is aware of Inheritance and Cascading) and all. Person after passing the basic course opens the layout, begins to impose and understands that he's kind and knows and understands the right part of the model, but can not implement it.

I like the approach FreeCodeCamp when you just give 100 job theory and in the end asked to design from scratch a complete page, on which the newcomer will sit at least a couple of hours and sometimes a couple of days. While there are no something such that did not pass before. Here you have an empty editor, here's a picture should look like the website. Work. This practice is not enough for HTML Academy. Yes, it's complicated. Yeah, you might have to Google to understand the intricacies. But that is what makes a person brains, learn to solve problems and most importantly, to understand how to implement the right things. Better people will spend 10 hours on the job but you'll learn something, than spend half an hour and in the next course, forget what was in the previous.

However, the FCC currently is also not too clean, their theory HTML & CSS at the moment is weak and they almost immediately learn bootstrap. But the new year promised to release the updated course, which is 5 times longer than the current and not bootstrap itself. Plus, they have the opportunity after the course to work on opensource sites non-profit organizations.

About !mounting economic s, Yes, I understand that you can not use a lot !important and decide on normal, but how to people come out of hiding. This test just cost would prohibit the use of more than two !mounting economic s (it seems so much needed for the solution) so that people are forced puzzled over how to CORRECTLY solve this task, and did not put 13 pieces and wrote in comments about what they have done and how quickly did it. - Agustin_Greenholt49 commented on June 10th 19 at 16:13
still in the interactive courses is not intended to teach how to write professionally. A familiarity with the new material and anchoring it in practice. Partial parsing techniques implemented in Kexby - this course runs parallel to the regular courses, and it is just on example of a real layout apply skills and knowledge acquired earlier. You, probably, Kexby still not found.

Well, if we talk about samsam professional level, for normal training, we need feedback from a professional. This task we place on the intensives. There and the quality criteria and the constant will kadriu from a mentor, and challenging layouts, and so on.

As for the FCC – then everything is bad. Well, you laid out this page, where the feedback code? Any. At least on the automated comparison of images. But the quality of the code, of course, you can try to get feedback from the community. But first, many are too lazy to spend time on you, and secondly, is it possible that paying respect to trust (she's not from a professional, most likely). - Helga.Frami commented on June 10th 19 at 16:16
June 10th 19 at 16:09
Better to start small and development to explore new.
Most of the tools "simplify" the layout aims at solving problems which in the beginning, and the more training you just will face.
June 10th 19 at 16:11
Strange, of course, ask such a question.
What do you think that it is better modern methods or not?
In an Internet a heap of examples of how people collect the frontend on modern methods. You only need to search :)
June 10th 19 at 16:13
Without a database anywhere.
June 10th 19 at 16:15
Very newcomer in this business. I can say one thing - study the layout grids. Learn smartgrid !!! And Versty layouts, train. If you impose someone for money, then hire a designer to make a layout for you if you are not a designer of course. Do not complicate work. Good luck.

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