How to disable the automatic restart of the application during the fall?

I have a xiaomi mi5 with 9.1 OS MIUI based on android 7.0.

When you debug can occur cases where the current activiti throws an exception, but the OS instead of completely close the app, creates a new version with the previous activiti.
In the worst case, when there is no previous activity, the app fully restarts and if the failed activity starts first in the application, we get a cycle of restarts of the application, which can last a very long time.
However, often, lost a lot of work(at least in the logcat of android studio) aktiviti, which greatly complicates debugging.

Is it possible to disable this behavior of the OS?
It is a General feature of all android MIUI or starting with a specific version?
If someone experienced this, please help!
June 10th 19 at 16:05
0 answer

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