What can be done or redirect messages?

In connection with the global overload of the servers the Electronic journal and diary, of a server stack of ru and Teach elements of the platform sky eng to priivate distance education is impossible! For communication with teachers and at least some support when it was decided to create a group in Viber. But Viber is not at all, some can't create an account, some lazy, and some no Internet at all. Is it possible to send messages from Viber, VK, via email and in a private XMPP/Jabber server?!
What is available:
1. Students who have only the VC or just email or just a phone with Internet access!
2. PC/Server with Windows 10 Pro Education on Board, a Virtual machine with dd-wrt and Ubuntu 18.04 WSL.
3. Internet 100 Mbit/sec in all the way.
4. Straight white external dynamic IP address and domain 3rd level PTR.
5. Actually this PC viber, Windows version of VK, e-mail clients!
2.2 On the WSL have XMPP/Jabber server to Prosody, the SSH server and nginx.
2.3 raised On Windows OpenVPN server, hmailserver (SMTP, POP3, IMAP) and L2TP/IPSec VPN server!
Avtomaticheskoy to organize the transfer of messages from Viber, VK, via Email and via Jabber.
How do we implement it?!!!

Please help and don't delete the question!
April 16th 20 at 11:22
2 answers
April 16th 20 at 11:24
There is a solution, but it's not like the owner. Teachers in mainstream schools need to stop using a rusty bike teach.ru

AND TEACH.ru to increase server capacity and to alter the bike replacing a particularly rusty and spike parts if you want to provide normal services.

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