Genetic algorithm for placement, size and category elements on the circuit Board?

There are elements that have a known (Height and Width).
There is a matrix of relationships(What elements are interconnected and the number of links)

The following is an example:


Need these items to place on the Board using Genetic algorithm.

The following is an example:

While I do so:
1)Take the element with the most ties and is Placed on the Board
2)Take the element with the most links placed
3) And so on until the end

The placement is thus:
Considering all the cells and look for the best cell(coinciding with the upper left corner of element) to accommodate the next item.

And now with the help of Genetic algorithm.
April 18th 20 at 12:18
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April 18th 20 at 12:20
take a random sequence (a sequence that is "genome") are placed, calculate some metric, do mutation (somehow alter the genome) - compare their metrics survives the best.

well and further a field for experiments
The algorithm depends on the sequence of placement point and the placement of the next item. For a sequence, you can do as you said. But the Board element can be placed anywhere, while I'm looking for a local minimum and place there. Why can't we apply HA to the placement too? - santiago commented on April 18th 20 at 12:23
@santiago, well, come to mind following the first element is placed as if in the middle is always Yes, and all subsequent is completed with some sides but I like your algorithm looks like this to get the element n and put his hand m

That is, your sequence will look like a pair of the member country with which it is attached. - Roy_Doy commented on April 18th 20 at 12:26
@santiago, you are always at each step have some political arrangement as a result of your sequence - Roy_Doy commented on April 18th 20 at 12:29
@Roy_Doy, one More question. I apply the mutation, inversion, segregation, etc. and to check the target function after each method or after execution of all methods? - santiago commented on April 18th 20 at 12:32

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