Bootstrap 3 two-line menu with radio buttons in the upper line. How to make rolled into the mobile version?

On the desktop version looks like that. The left logo in the middle of the two-line menu, the right button - send to friend (visual raspologaetsya on the separator lines top and bottom lines of the menu). Menu works on the principle of tabs - click on first point the top lines - get a set of links at the bottom line. Click on the second item on the top lines - we get another set of links at the bottom line.

In mobile resolution, the menus should be minimized: left hamburger - logo in the middle - right of the search icon...

Already asked on stackoverflow...something quiet, probably zabombit section new and no one sees already ) Managed to implement this.

That is now not working:
1.Menu in mobile version is not minimized (shows after the line with the hamburger, logo and search of both strings with menus and submenus). Must be rolled and clicked on the hamburger to open up and vorachivatsya when re-clicked.
2. When re-clicking on items in the top line, the bottom is hidden. You need to not hidden.
3. When you click on the search icon (in the upper right corner and in the submenu the bottom line) will show/hide the search form.
June 10th 19 at 16:11
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