Should we introduce the tag Psychology?

I've been informed and acknowledge that the need in this tag. Many questions do not concern the technical aspects, and display them in the consciousness of the specialist.
As you look at this?
April 18th 20 at 12:29
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April 18th 20 at 12:31
The ratio of programmers to psychology in General – is strongly negative. This is well illustrated by the comments under the appropriate articles on habré. Individuals interested in the topic, but people are generally her or just ignore, or vilify all that goes with it. But when people do not psihopatologija themselves and others under constant stress, deadlines, meetings, overtime, lack of managers management skills team – start here all these stories about the exhaustion, the burn-UPS, conflicts, etc.

The problem is that the question on the subject posed in a vacuum, and even on public display, doesn't show the whole picture of what is happening with the person. Sometimes you need a lot of time to spend to just one-on-one conversation and he told me what actually it is. Something he will be hard to accept, something he would not like to spread about yourself or other people (this is incidentally one of the reasons why we need privacy in this case). So 99% of the tips that will give the answer to this question in the network do not match the contextin which the author formulated the question well, if they don't make it worse. And given that the psychology of programmers don't do – tips will often not only out of context, so also is harmful by definition (as, for example, the popular advice is to take on a greater burden when you're exhausted to the limit). Therefore, the format of questions and answers in the form in which it is habré Q&A is not suitable here.

So to make the tag here does not make sense. It is not enough that is non-core, and will not bring benefits. It is much better to ask the question of mass education of programmers – that people not only wash their hands after using the toilet, but also about hygiene do not forget that the problem did not become apparent when all the bad without medical attention, and serious changes in my life to do. But this task is not simple, of course.
April 18th 20 at 12:33
there are a few more relevant tags. but they - not the format. at least in the area of expressive vocabulary. although in fact it would even fit.
April 18th 20 at 12:35
We look with disapproval. Do not try here to build a kind Habra, where not to Wade through articles about how to see the world of alcoholics and other people with an expanded consciousness...
April 18th 20 at 12:37
You can enter the tag of SOFT SKILLS. :)
April 18th 20 at 12:39
Many questions do not concern the technical aspects, and display them in the consciousness of the specialist.

It's kind of like a pretzel then proposed to introduce the position of "psychologist for programmers"?
Sorry, this is nonsense.
Well, Bitrix is a man, and the stories of the founder actually brings profit under the motivation and retention of staff. - Lura.Champlin commented on April 18th 20 at 12:42
@Lura.Champlin, well, he's the coach of some or just a huckster who people are on the needle the next time they work there, but not a psychologist. - Wilburn_Lueilwitz96 commented on April 18th 20 at 12:45
No, well, sometimes a psychologist programmer needed.
For example, the digging of legacy or old interfaces can lead to some mental anxiety. :) - Rowland commented on April 18th 20 at 12:48
April 18th 20 at 12:41
Such complex non-core issues should be addressed by professionals, not forum hacks. Here at stake is mental health not a bug in the code

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