How to use the autocomplete feature in KeePassX?

Last many years I use LastPass, but I was constantly tormented by the idea that passwords are stored "somewhere" and not from me.

The only time-tested alternative for password storage at - KeePassX.
But what always stops me from switching to KeePassX is the lack of autocomplete.
More precisely, it is, even regular, but
  • binding site (domain) is not (and in fact this binding is a good anti-phishing), but is not bound to the window title, which is actually a dynamic,
  • automatically binding not save, and I frequently where to register. Well zadolbali to enter by hand.
  • Plus it's not even clear how to choose the right username, if the site have multiple accounts.

LastPass solves these problems at times.

Yes, it seems there are browser plug-ins, but as far as I know, not official. Ie, this is not an option - it is better to continue to use LastPass, because confidence in him is clearly greater.

Tell me, please, I can something I do not fully understand the setup and use KeePassX?
June 10th 19 at 16:14
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June 10th 19 at 16:16
I can share the experience of living with KeePass + Firefox ESR.

FF fires the window title changes with the add-on KeePass Helper (Firefox 57+ seem to have analogues). To the standard window title adds the name of the domain. On this Addendum and configured KeePass.
For example, the toaster entrance is on the website In KeePass in the properties record indicated that the Autodialer to produce the match the window name with these templates:
  • * -*
  • Authorization center — TM ID*

Autodial I have configured to Ctrl+Alt+A. If a matching record is only one, is immediately ahead. If more than one, press Ctrl+Alt+A window appears, in which you can select the desired entry.
It is possible to specify how the Autodialer. For example, first you need to enter the username, then click on the button, and then enter the password. Specify it like this:


There is a Supplement (and it seems that even under Firefox 57+), which directly connects to the KeePass database, and you can omit the window title and stuff, but I never used it. Perhaps it also solves the problem with avtonapovnennya credentials.
How can you trust opensorce plugin with some no name less than a closed sledlike - in focus not understand.

From a comfortable bonus - introduction passwords are not just the browser: for example, the GPG and SSH keys on Thunderbird and so on.

Here is a good series of several articles about the setup and use KeePass.
Tried to use some time, it is so crooked and uncomfortable, in comparison with LastPass that demolished it all and forgot as a bad dream.
Maybe in a few years will return to this issue, and now KeePass is a pathetic hack, unfortunately. In my opinion.

But for the detailed response and willingness to help - thank you. - Willard.Schuppe64 commented on June 10th 19 at 16:19

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