Will help you to write two queries Inner Join?

Hello! Help to solve a SQL job:
There are two tables:


1. You should print the names of all the sellers that have more than 1 order, beginning in 2010.

2. Display a list of sellers and the number of orders that have the maximum number of goods sold.

There is need to use Inner Join?
April 18th 20 at 12:49
1 answer
April 18th 20 at 12:51
INNER JOIN is used where the right and left parts must find each other. LEFT OUTER JOIN where the right half may not be. Then in the appropriate columns everywhere will be NULL.

In the first assignment the seller may not have orders after 2010, but these sellers are not needed in the answer. So INNER. In the second, all sellers may not be sales, but to display them all anyway. LEFT.

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