Is it possible to proximityout traffic browser including FTP on the router?

Hello! There is a router with the ability to enable FTP and telnet settings. Can I using bitvise or any app to use this router as a proxy and surf the Internet via its IP?
June 10th 19 at 16:19
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June 10th 19 at 16:21
Router or router and is designed dlia to continue access to the Internet from other computers.
Bitvise's ssh server/client for Windows is irrelevant to the router.
Ftp and telnet are services that are used for file transfer or communication between devices on the Internet or local network. Their inclusion on the device is irrelevant to the proxy.

Your question is very difficult to understand. Can write what you want?
June 10th 19 at 16:23
"...and volleys of thousand tools merged into one prolonged howl..." - a well-known stanza, which always occurs when reading such a stream of consciousness.
1. Specify the router model (you can just picture the lower side of the case: a) if it is difficult)
2. The task of the router is to pass packets from LAN to WAN and Vice versa, filter, if necessary, to provide NAT, if necessary. There are many things that can do the router, but listed - its main task.
3. FTP - file transfer Protocol (File Transfer Protocol) and the client usually. To the proxying and access to the Internet is irrelevant. Support on the router it usually means that you can insert a flash drive and to swing it within the network.
4. Telnet is a very old Protocol remote management (TELecommunication NETwork). Typically used to control "dumb" devices - due to its simplicity. Not provides ANY security, the password passes in the clear. To the proxying and access to the Internet is irrelevant.
5. Bitvise SSH client for Windows. If the router can be managed via ssh this program to manage them. Via the command line. To the proxy again has not the slightest relationship.

Oh is defined as something - what do you want? Router without proxy will give access to the Internet - if it's configured correctly of course.

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