Wish that the content was the same in the editor and on the website?

Good time of day. There was such problem: I create a post in the editor, it displays one at a time, and when put on the page is displayed differently, the class pages are in the content and it changes its display.
Is it possible somehow to fix? Can download the style for a post from the admin panel?
On the pages of the website are now clean bootstrap 4.
June 10th 19 at 16:24
1 answer
June 10th 19 at 16:26
Well, you need to use. CSS as you would like to see the layout.
What is the complexity?
That is the problem, it turns out under each site need to finished layout, there's some one-time decisions, due include all the basic styles from the editor to the unit in which to display the content? - Halle.VonRued commented on June 10th 19 at 16:29

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