Does it make sense to put an advertising block Yandex RTB on the popup sidebar?

My website displays differently on desktop and on mobile.
On the desktop on the left menu, tags, recent comments and there RTB advertising block Yandex.

This is my site on mobile phone displays without the menu on the left.
Instead, this menu is hidden in the sidebar, which goes to the left if the user clicks in the header.

Should I put the same RTB block on the sidebar?
It's almost always not visible, and only appears if the user wants to expand the menu.

The problem is that the configuration of the site depends on the size of the screen.
For example on the tablet when positioned horizontally, it shows the website as a desktop, and if you expand the tablet vertically, it shows the mobile layout - the left menu disappears but appears sidebar.
April 19th 20 at 12:00
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