The problem seo with multilingual sites in Drupal 7?

Hello! The problem with the prefixes en and EN друпал7.

The fact that Yandex search engine throws the page from top 10 to oblivion when you remove the en in the url with the Google problem too. Some people claim that this is a bug of Drupal and what multitechnic rules may not work if the url is one of EN and en is missing. But the problem is that I want to the language of the default is not to use en and have a clean url.

To help the search engines configured in the module global redirect which makes avtopredprijatie pages to the search engines saw one true page without duplicates. And with module removed /.

Also using an href which helps the search engines understand what the page what language to display when a certain request from opalnogo region.

I've also noticed that the main problem is the headers. Let's say the title of the korg karma on English lang and Russian cannot be changed. Accordingly, the url and similar. Suppose, then google 2 weeks may, at the request karma to show English. version and the other 2 weeks Russian. And for eng. the query in the search settings change the country. Don't know, I can still vpn to use? At the same time ie 2 version it is not showing. Another situation....... I have the title and url and and here is the Google shows brains. He sees the Russian word for the English. letters and determines that they are different pages. That's why probably the prefix en in the url plays a role.

Regarding Yandex asked the question to tech support and they told me that I'm great. Only now 350 articles written and search only 20. Whereas in the beginning of the year 20 was in the top 5 Yandex. And the rest of the top 50-100. Of course all of that was removed en from the url. And now the rework of the article and removed perespa. And give a damn about everything. And new articles do not go with a good SEO engine.

I am suffering for a year. So I know exactly how much en and EN significantly impact the optimization. I can't believe it's true what they say. Yes, and -0 at the end of the url in Russian why is not clear.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem???
April 19th 20 at 12:00
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April 19th 20 at 12:02
you Maleh spontaneously, but, apparently, on the same url give different content, as I understand it

start with logs, webmasters search engines, and then formulate the problem

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