Can I use Rest API or write something with sockets to link a database and a mobile application?

There is a test mob.the app(student project) the user has the option of authorization ,as well as receive files such as pictures or videos with a host/server which is better to use the above, or both,( application, what you ask in c#)
PS:about the languages again so distributed to students.a project to change they won't
April 19th 20 at 12:01
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April 19th 20 at 12:03
what you ask in c#
it's inaudible. backend C# or what?
you and the Rest API, and sockets - what do you want? you can? do

backend C# is now the only .Net Core WebApi, in fact it is REST. authorization and the basic logic thing to do
sockets needed for stable and high-speed things like realtime chat. but there in .Net Core is the technology SignalR for this. look docks, cases and plug-and-forth
krtinki you can give and WebApi, especially if not too big. but if a lot of them, is static, and if open access is possible via WebApi to give the link and just pump
video golite from the word streaming

if .Net Core for some reason not suitable. for example already started on the classics, all of these technologies from the classics and came. just peel it is better. the old classics are no longer developing. by the fall or by the end of the year will be 5 DotNet. the next generation of dotnet, which replace the crust and the classics. will again be one dotnet, but cross-platform fully
April 19th 20 at 12:05
Extend the previous answer.

If the backend is Java. Use one of the modern microframeworks : Quarkus or Micronaut.
Recommend Quarkus. Threshold of entry lower. For an hour or two will finish the project. I recommend this tutorial. The database is configured through the config, the standard Java pojo for entity.
The output will receive a micro service to the native app. Will be able to use immediately in any Docker project.

PS profile has a mine Cart. There will be questions - write. Answer.

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